Hey, It’s Me, Jen.

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  Not quite sure how you stumbled across it in the sea of millions of other (more established, and therefore more interesting) blogs… But I’m glad you’re here.
A little about me.  I’m married to an awesome guy, we have two feisty, energetic daughters, and two small dogs that my dear husband puts up with because I had them before we were dating.  We live in Southern California, and despite the insane cost of living, we can’t imagine ever leaving.  We love the sun, the beach, and being outdoors.  We laugh a lot and we love a lot.
I consider myself a professional shopper.  I love coupons, deals, and bargains.  I’ll be sharing some of my best tips and tricks as I go along here.  I love food and I eat like a truck driver.  I liked to blame it on pregnancy and breastfeeding, but now that I’m past those stages, I’ll be honest and just admit that I love to eat.  I drink a lot of coffee and I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t like wine.  I’m obsessed with beauty products, but I’m a pretty harsh critic.  Hopefully you don’t mind brutal honesty!
Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell!  I’m excited to finally start the blog I’ve been thinking about for years now, and I hope that you’ll follow along.  It won’t follow a schedule, it won’t always fit into a specific genre, but I promise it will be real and it will be me.
xoxo, Jen
P.S. Leave me a comment and let me know you were here.  Or, better yet, subscribe and stay up to date with all of my future ramblings!

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