Mother’s Day Hangover

I saw a funny meme this morning as I was scrolling through my Instagram:

FullSizeRender (1)

While I’m sure some of my friends out there had a lovely, relaxing Mother’s Day (as indicated by all of the overly enthusiastic social media posts), I found comfort knowing that I wasn’t the only mom out there struggling to enjoy Mother’s Day.  I mean, it was really just a regular day with a little side of added pressure to do something magical with your family, who I spend a ton of time with anyway. Right?

I don’t mean to complain, as I know my family (and most families, I’d imagine) means well and tries their best, but Hallmark holidays just aren’t my thing.  There’s a lot of pressure to do something meaningful, post your favorite mom pic ever, shout out to all the mom friends – including the fur moms, rainbow moms, moms of babies lost, moms that aren’t really moms but act like moms, and every other maternal figure in our lives (major guilt trip if you forget anyone!).  It’s just that while we’re out there trying to make sure the world knows we have “the best mom EVER”, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of moms who wish they could just drink a cup of coffee without hearing their kids fighting over their two identical, purple beach buckets (because one is CLEARLY better than the other) or have the week’s groceries magically appear in their refrigerator.

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful.  I adore my kids, I know I’m blessed with an incredibly hands-on husband and family that lives nearby and steps in to help without even being asked.  But this “Mother’s Day Hangover” really is a real thing.  It’s nearly impossible to not sit there comparing your day, gifts, and Insta posts to those of the people around you. I love being a mom – it’s the best, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done – but I think I’d rather just skip the Mother’s Day fuss and try to find the joy in the normal days, because I’m pretty sure these are the ones I’m actually going to look back and remember.

So, this morning, while the 3-year-old declared that the only food she’d eat for breakfast was garlic bread and the 1-year-old hated every pair of shoes we own in her size, I took a step back and a deep breath and let the world slow down around me.  Because, even though it’s cliche, these are the moments that define me as a mother.  The good, the bad, the exhausting, and everything in between.  And I know that my kids adore me without requiring them to cooperate at an overpriced brunch or crowded pedicure spot.

Today I did my entire family’s laundry and didn’t end up with any unmatched socks.  A true victory in our home.  And tonight, I’m going to snuggle my littles, read them some books, tuck them into bed, and wait to do it all again tomorrow.  So, I’m going to pat myself on the back and declare today a win.  Because, to my sweet little fam, I’m already the #bestmomever.



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