Lipstick That Never Comes Off? Too Good To Be True? An Honest, Unbiased Review of LipSense

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos circulating around Facebook.  A woman is shown with bright red, pink, or even black lipstick and proceeds to smear her lips onto mirrors, babies, her husband, her wine glass, and her fingers – only to show that her lipstick has not moved, transferred or smudged.  Amazing, right?  I thought so, too!  And being the beauty junkie that I am, when I found out a friend had signed up as a distributor, I decided I needed to get my hands on this new LipSense product and try it out for myself.

Smudge Proof, Budge Proof

This post is my completely honest, unbiased review.

At first glance, I was put off by the packaging.  It looks like it was designed around the same time as GlamourShots and my 1990’s kitchen (recently remodeled – blog post coming soon!).  The website is no better.  It’s bland, boring and difficult to navigate.  No wonder most distributors choose not to host from their online storefront.

According to the tutorials I watched, you’re supposed to shake the bottle, apply 3 thin layers of product, and seal with the gloss (which is sold separately).  Then, you continue reapplying the gloss throughout the day to “seal” the color in.  The gloss seems to wear off fairly quickly, so to keep your lips looking and feeling their best, you’re looking at reapplying gloss 6-8 times per day.  At $25 per lip color and $20 per gloss, it was shaping up to be a pretty hefty investment for someone who’s typically pretty happy with tinted lip balm on an average day.  And while there are tons of gorgeous colors to choose from, the selection of nudes and lighter colors leaves something to be desired.

So, LipSense in hand, I shooed my children out of the room and focused my attention on applying 3 perfectly drawn in layers of the pretty rose color in front of me.

First impression?  This stuff stinks.  It reminded me of that metallic taste you get in your mouth while using teeth whitening strips. And it was super sticky.  Both the stink and the stick eased up considerably after applying the gloss, but there was still a slightly unpleasant flavor/scent that lingered through the day, and I had a hard time ignoring it.  The other thing I noticed was a slight burning sensation while applying the color.  LipSense calls this the “exfoliation phase” while your lips are growing accustomed to the product.  They also claim that you have to completely discontinue use of ANY wax based products (chapstick, lip balm, other lipsticks, pretty much any lip product you’ve ever purchased and currently own) because the LipSense helps to strip away YEARS worth of wax buildup on your lips.

Wait…. WHAT?  I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty confident that my skin (including my lips) sheds itself, without assistance from any cosmetics, at a rate much quicker than that.  I’m positive that I don’t have years of buildup anywhere on my body.  In fact, my experiments with self tanner have proven to me that even when a product is designed to last a week, my skin has gotten rid of it within a few short days.

And I don’t really like being lied to.  It makes me more skeptical of the other information I’m being fed.

Anyway, I proceeded through my day, as normal, eating and drinking, and checking my perfect lips in every mirror I could find.  As the gloss wore off every couple hours, I found my lips feeling very dry and slightly tacky, but as long as I kept reapplying the gloss, the color stayed in place pretty well!  I did notice it starting to flake after eating a greasy meal, as I’m sure the oil started to break down the pigment, but it was around dinnertime by then, and I wasn’t interested in removing the whole thing and starting from scratch.  All in all, it stayed on all day, even if it didn’t look as good by evening.

I found my perfect nude: Pink Champagne

Having a little (ok, a LOT) more fun wearing Sassy Z. Don’t mind the tiara.


  • Very long lasting
  • Many color choices, including various gloss finishes
  • Great for special occasions


  • Unpleasant scent
  • Vintage (I’m being nice) packaging
  • Hefty price tag (LipSense addresses this by showing a cost comparison to other high end lipsticks, but most of them don’t require 3 layers or a second, required product, so I maintain that their product is definitely on the expensive side)

After trying it out and finding a nude I love (see above for Pink Champagne), I definitely see myself using my LipSense when I want to look a little more polished.  It’s great for date nights, beach days, weddings, and other events when you want to look put together without worrying about reapplying (but don’t forget your gloss or you’ll be sad!).  But, I think I’ll stick to my casual glosses and balms for my normal, mom days.  And I won’t be afraid to switch back and forth between LipSense and my trusty BareMinerals favorite, because I’m a rebel and I don’t let lipstick boss me around.



P.S. My LipSense friend has offered to give my readers 15% off!  Join her page and mention my blog, and your discount will be automatically applied!

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